The History of the CIPS Summer School


In June 1st to 3rd 2005, the first MSRA Summer Workshop of Information Extraction (IE) was held in HIT. Over 200 young NLP scholars, Ph.D students and graduate students from universities and research institutes all over China participated in the workshop. The lecturers are delivered Dr. Hwee Tou Ng., Prof. of NUS (PC Chair ACL 2005), Dr. Chin-yew Lin from ISI-USC, Dr. Frank Seidea and Dr. Cheng Niu from MSRA. Dr. Hwee Tou focused on the Information Extraction Technology from non-structured or semi-structured texts, as well as semantic role labeling. Dr. Chin-yew discussed on the application of IE on text summarization. Dr Frank further introduced the information extraction and retrieval from speech. And Dr Cheng summarizes the basic models, theories and applications of IE.


In July 10th and 11th, 2006, the MSRA Summer Workshop on “New Generation of Internet Information Processing Technology” was held in the Shenzhen branch of the Key Lab. More than 10 scholars participated and presented their research achievements, including Dr. Xiaowen Hong (vice president of MSRA and head of the Microsoft Search Technology Center); Prof. Helen Meng from Hong Kong Chinese University; Ms. Xihui Liu (R&D Director of Microsoft Mobile (Shenzhen) R&D Center), Dr. Zheng Chen (expert in Online Ads and Search Technology from MSRA); Prof. Jianyun Nie from Montreal University of Canada, Dr.Chin-yew Lin (join MSRA that year) and Dr. Kun Zhou (expert in Computer Graphics and Digital Games from MSRA). The 120 participants from Chinese universities and institutes got to know the latest research development on the relevant areas from that workshop.


In August 22nd, 2007, the “Internet Innovation Summer Workshop”, supported by MSRA, was hosted in Weihai campus, HIT. More than 120 people, including more than ten scholars and experts from MSRA, and young scholars, Ph.D students, graduate students from over 40 universities of China, as well as developers in IT companies, got-together in the workshop.


During July 21st to 26th 2008, the fourth MSRA-HIT NLP Summer Workshop on Human Language Technology was held in HIT. Prof. Lars Ahrenberg and Prof. Patrick Lambrix from Linkoping University of Sweden, Dr. John Blitzer from MSRA, Dr. Corneilis Van Deemter from Aberdeen University of the UK and Prof. Qin Lu from Hong Kong Polytechnic University gave wonderful lectures during the workshop. Professors from Sweden and the UK also brought three fascinating curriculum project. The theme of this workshop was NLP technology, including such areas as Machine Translation, Machine Learning Methods, Natural Language Generation, Ontology Engineering and Terminology Automatic Obtaining. Participants were consisted of 60 researchers and graduate students from research institutes and over 10 well-known universities of China, as well as two foreign students.


From August 16th to 21th, 2010, the fifth MSRA-HIT NLP Summer Workshop on Human Language Technology was held in HIT. Again Prof. Lars Ahrenberg from Linkoping University of Sweden and Dr. Corneilis Van Deemter from Aberdeen University of UK, together with the new contributor Dr Daqing He from the University of Pittsburg of USA, and Dr Tieyan Liu from MSRA, delivered the courses and projects to more than 100 participants come from 22 universities of China.


From August 1st to 10th, 2011, the sixth MSRA-HIT NLP Summer School on Human Language Technology was held successfully in HIT. This year’s school invited international experts on NLP scope including: Prof. Qiang Yang, IEEE Fellow, from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK; Prof. John Carroll from University of Sussex, UK; Dr. Ming Zhou from MSAR; Prof. Kees Van Deemter from University of Aberdeen, UK; Dr. Taro Watanabe from Universal Communication Research Institute, Japan; Dr. Diarmuid ó SéAGHDHA from University of Cambridge, UK; Prof. Wenjie Li from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK. During the 10 days of summer school every expert gave a lecture on new advances of NLP technology. The lectures covered a wide range of topics including parsing, machine translation, semantic analysis, applications of machine learning in NLP, textual generation and information retrieval. The courses arranged as experts’ lectures combine with students’ practice. At the same time a student workshop was held for directing thesis writing and academic researching by experts on-site. Participants of this year’ school consisted of 7 international researchers and more than 100 students from Chinese universities and institutes.


Harbin Institute of Technology has successfully held the 7th HIT-MSRA Summer School on Human Language Technology on July 22-28, 2012. This year’s Summer School was sponsored by Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), and hosted by MOE-MS Key Laboratory of Natural Language Processing and Speech of HIT. We invited 5 world famous scholars who are Prof. Kathleen McKeown from Columbia University, USA, Prof. Mike Thelwall from University of Wolvehampton, UK, Dr. Taro Watanabe from National Information and communications Technology of Japan, Dr. Albert Gatt from University of Malta, Malta and Dr. Rui Wang from German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Germany to give lectures on the new progress in the field of Natural Language Processing. More than 40 graduates and doctors from over 20 universities of the whole nation including Beijing University, University of Science and Technology of China, Fudan University, Tianjin University and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, participated this year’s Summer School. On the workshop which was held on July 26, 6 students from different universities reported orally about their paper, more than 10 students communicated with 5 experts face to face.


The Eighth HIT-MSRA Language Technology Summer School on July 24-26, 2013 has been hosted by Chinese Information Processing Society of China (CIPS), sponsored by Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), organized by Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), and will be held in HIT Weihai Campus. This year’s school invited experts on NLP scope including: Prof. Jun'ichi Tsujii from MSRA; Prof. Philipp Koehn from University of Edinburgh, UK; Prof. Richard Everson from University of Exeter, UK; Dr. Diarmuid ó Séaghdha from Cambridge University, UK; Dr. Chenghua Lin from University of Aberdeen, UK. Every expert gave a lecture on new advances of NLP technology such as parsing, machine translation, machine learning, semantic analysis, sentiment analysis. Meanwhile, Prof. Philipp Koehn gave a lecture on how to write paper and how to research and experts commented the papers submitted by the participants on-site.


From August 15st to 18th, 2014, the ninth CIPS Summer School on Human Language Technology was held successfully in Tianjin University. This year’s school invited 6 experts from MSRA, Baidu, Peking University and Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Ming Zhou and Dr. Furu Wei from MSAR introduced the research progress of text ming for social networks. Dr. Bing Wang from CAS introduced the key technology in information retrieval. Prof. Houfeng Wang from Peking University introduced the research progress of discourse processing. Dr. Hua Wu from Baidu gave a lecture on machine translation. Dr. Kai Yu from Baidu gave a lecture on the development of machine learning in recent years and introduced deep learning. About 200 graduate students, teachers and researchers from fifty one universities, research institutes and enterprises got together and took a three-day course.


2015年7月24日至25日,第十届中国中文信息学会暑期学校在北京大学成功举办。本届2015年度暑期学校由北京大学计算语言学研究所承办。此次暑期学校的特邀讲师均是在机器学习、自然语言处理领域有着较高知名度的华裔学者。其中,24日上午,来自美国布兰迪斯大学的薛念文教授讲解了语言学研究中语义分析方面的基本方法和算法;24日下午,来自德克萨斯大学达拉斯分校的Vincent Ng教授介绍了指代消解的相关技术成果;25日上午,中科院信息工程研究所王斌研究员针对信息检索相关技术做了详细讲解并介绍了其团队针对传统方法的一些改进;25日下午,在微博圈中享有很高人气的来自卡内基梅隆大学的王威廉博士梳理了信息抽取领域基础算法,并分享了自己团队的最新技术和成果。25日晚上,由来自诺特丹大学的蒋伟教授,介绍了机器翻译的相关技术和成果,并针对具体问题进行了现场答疑。最后北京大学计算语言学研究所所长王厚峰教授做了简单总结和回顾。


2017年8月17日至20日,由中国中文信息学会主办的第十二届中国中文信息学会暑期学校暨中国中文信息学会《前沿技术讲习班》(CIPS ATT)在北京成功召开。共有来自全国各高校及科研院所的专家、学者、学生四百余人参加了此次学术活动。中国中文信息学会学术工委主席、清华大学马少平教授,中国中文信息学会副理事长兼秘书长、中国科学院软件研究所孙乐研究员出任本次讲习班的主席;清华大学刘洋副教授、刘知远助理教授出任学术主席。开幕仪式上孙乐研究员介绍了中国中文信息学会基本情况和前沿技术讲习班的定位,刘洋副教授介绍了本次讲习班的主题安排等。近两年来深度学习在自然语言处理领域的应用日益广泛,成为自然语言处理研究的最前沿技术。本次讲习班承接去年主题再次聚焦深度学习技术,邀请多位在自然语言处理领域系统开展深度学习研究并取得众多成果的青年学者,讲授深度学习的基础理论知识。前两天介绍深度学习的基础理论知识和工具实战,以及深度学习在自然语言处理基础文本分析任务(包括词法、句法、语义分析和知识获取)上的前沿动态。后两天介绍深度学习在自然语言处理四个典型应用领域(如机器翻译、自动问答、社会计算与信息检索)上的前沿动态。